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Color Picker 2.0

Color Picker is a freeware utility to know the RGB code of any selected pixel
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Color Picker is a freeware utility especially designed to help developers, designers, artists, and anyone working with colors and computers. It is a small program that can be taken around in any portable devices. This tool provides the RGB value for any pixel that we select with our mouse cursor. The color can be located in our desktop, application, file, image, website, or any other possible location. As long as we can touch it with our mouse cursor, we have got it! All we need to do to copy the code to our clipboard is simply press the F11 key. Color Picker 1.96 has been updated and minor errors have been corrected. This program can now run under Windows XP operating system. We can also access the version history, license, and help files containing the support e-mail address, not from the program interface (which is rather small and only contains two boxes, one showing the color we have selected and the other showing the RBG code hex code for that color), but from the installation package. By right clicking the GUI, we get a window with stay on top, about, and exit options.

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  • Excellent, smart, and really small
  • Free (Donations accepted)


  • Windows Vista is not supported yet
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